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Bogachova Nina Pavlovna (1941 - ...)  Click to play

Nina Pavlovna Bogachieva (Babkina), born in 1941 in the village of Ilinskaya in Ivanovo region, 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow. She currently resides in Palekh, as a well-established Palekh artist. Bogachova finished the Palekh Art School in 1961. Her teachers were outstanding artists, such as Kotukhin, Kaurtsev, Borunov, and Astakhov. As soon as she had finished her education, Nina Pavlovna was employed for the Palekh Art Works. Since then, she has won numerous state and honorary awards for her achievements as an artist. Her pieces are on display in museums in Moscow and throughout Russia. Her works can also be found in many catalogs around the world.

The themes of the author's work are for the most part folklore and genre scenes. Her preferred color palette is warm, and amber like in color. When Bogachova approaches the task of painting a new miniature, she tries to completely display the development of a theme in the artistic sense. Collectors love her work for its mood, and for its dynamic and flexible appearance.

The master was nominated to join the Artists' Union in 1974. Her best pieces' titles are "Scarlet Flower", "Mother, Why it is Dusty in the Field?", "Field, oh, you, Field!", "Separation", "Old Woman Izergil", and "The Sewing of Dowry". Many of Bogachieva's prominent works have been exhibited since 1967, and various pieces are held in the State Museum of Palekh Art, the Plyos State Historico-Architectural and Art Museum Preserve, and the All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art.

When Bogachova is not working, she loves to take care of her plants in the garden, and she embroiders. Nina wishes good health and positive achievements in life to all of our internet viewers, and especially her numerous collectors.

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