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Bogdanov Vladimir Innokentievich (1956 - ...)  Click to play

Vladimir Innokentievich Bogdanov was born in 1956 in the village of Dmitrovka in Orenburg region, and he currently resides in Palekh in the Ivanovo region. In 1981 Vladimir finished the Palekh Art School, where he studied under Y.A. Brovkin, A.V. Gordeev, Y.V. Zhegalov, I.E. Shchukin, A.S. Peskov, and N.Y. Telegin. Bogdanov works in Palekh traditions using tempera paints. Icon-painting is favorite style of this painter but he prefers its modernized variant.

Vladimir is interested in painting historic and epic themes as well as subjects of A.S. Pushkin's fairy-tales. Detailed accomplishment of a box and tidiness of its execution are the most principal elements in his artwork. And the main artist's goal is to make a piece attractive for its observers and purchasers. Upon starting a new piece, Bogdanov always tries to set a new goal: to produce a new composition or a new color interpretation. The painter prefers to use gold ochre, green and read colors. Vladimir considers work on a miniature never can be hold to be finished, because it can be constantly improved... It is easy to distinguish his works from others for their drawings and manners of painting. The master tries to pay attention to detailed decoration and painting, theme, color schemes, and artistic execution of his pieces; he considers them to be the most important aspects of lacquer miniatures. Bogdanov hopes collectors will appreciate his artwork. Vladimir thinks his techniques don't differ from the techniques of other Palekh miniature painters.

In his free time he likes to gather mushroom hiking in the woods with his family, to swim, and to be busy with things around the house. Vladimir wishes collectors to be pleased with purchased boxes and to order new pieces next times.

Vladimir at his workplace
Vladimir at his workplace

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