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Bokarev Valeriy Konstantinovich (1951 - ...)  Click to play

Bokarev Valery Konstantinovich

Was born in Palekh in Ivanovo region in 1951. And now he resides in his native land.

He attended the Palekh Art School from which he graduated in 1974. His teachers were A.V. Kovaliov and A.V. Borunov. For the time being Bokariov has three author works: "Cart" (1979), "Eaglet" (1979), and "In Memory of Gerasim Faigin" (1980). V. K. Bokariov was one of Leninsky Komsomal prizewinners in 1981.

The painter works in tempera paints in the Palekh lacquered miniature traditions. He prefers to represent Russian folk fairy-tale, epic, song, and mystic themes in his works. The most important elements of his pieces are drawings based on stylistic unity with subjects and artistic execution.

Valery considers a miniature finished when he has accomplished set goals. As a master, Bokarev starts a new piece with the objects to invent new design of well-known subject and to decorate it in the best way.

Valery works with different paints and colors, but prefers to use rich ones. Being an original artist, Bokarev has her own painting style, and his works are remarkable for their patterns and colors. The master believes his pieces will be remembered by detailed and fine paintings, as well as characteristic execution.

In his spare time Valery likes to go fishing and to gather mushrooms hiking in the woods in summer.

He wishes good luck and health to the admirers of his art!

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