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Bondarenko Vasiliy Tarasovich (1920 - ...)  Click to play

Vasiliy Tarasovich Bondarenko was born in Tallinn in Estonia in 1920. He studied at the Art, Sculpture and Architecture Institute of the Russian Arts Academy in Leningrad (1930-1937) under S.L. Abugov and P.V. Serikov. Subject matter of Bondarenko's pieces is landscape. The author's most successful miniatures are "Winter", "Grey Day", and "Forest in Winter".

Most of his works have been included in exhibitions since 1937. And Vasiliy Tarasovich became a member of the Artists' Union in 1941. Bondarenko wasn't only an artist, but also he was a director of the State Museum of Palekh Art (1937-1941) and a teacher in the Palekh Art School (1939-1945). At present time some of his art pieces are displayed in the State Museum of Palekh Art.

Reference: page 191 of Pirogova L., 1994, "PALEKH HISTORY AND MODERN TIME", ISKUSSTVO, ROSKNIGA, Moscow, ISBN 5-210-01301-4

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