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Borovkin Valeriy Alexandrovna (1951 - ...)  Click to play

Valeriy Alexandrovich Borovkin

Was born in 1951 in the village of Maidanovo in Palekh region. Nowadays Valeriy lives in Palekh.

Borovkin finished the Palekh Art School in 1971; his teachers were N.M. Zinoviev, A.V. Golov, and Y.A. Borovkin. It is important to note Valeriy paints only author works after 1971. It is typical for Palekh artists to produce author works, because only beginners make copies and this practice usually ends in some pieces. Borovkin uses tempera techniques and paints in the style of Palekh miniature, which is based on ancient Russian art. The master prefers to paint subjects of Russian fairy-tales, bylinas, as well as philosophic themes.

On the author's opinion, the most important element in his miniature is its content. Valeriy considers his new pieces to be done when all technologic and technique procedures satisfy requirements. Borovkin always tries to make a miniature so it has something interesting (original) in technique, composition, and content.

Valeriy prefers to use cold color schemes. The painter has no his own methods, he uses that ones he got at school. His works are recognizable by characteristic "signature".

Valeriy hopes that collectors will estimate themes, execution, contents, and thought of his pieces.

In free time Valeriy likes to rest hiking in the woods and to keep his house.

He wishes happiness, health and best of luck to all admirers of his artwork.

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