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Chalunin Pavel Feodorovich (1918 - 1980)  Click to play

Pavel Fedorovich Chalunin was born in 1918 in Palekh. He finished the Palekh Art School in 1938, where he studied under A.V. Kotukhin.

Chalunin was a war hero, drafted into the Red Army in 1941. He fought in WWII and was wounded twice. In 1942, while Chalunin was at the front, his plaque entitled "Prometheus" was given to the French resistance leader General Charles De Gohl. Chalunin had to work on recovering his injured right arm after being decommissioned from the Army in 1943. Within two years Chalunin comes up with "Heroic Deed of Meresyev," "The Kulikovo Field," "Danko," "Battle of Peresvet and Chelubey," "Chapaev," and "Russian Bogatyrs." Pavel Chalunin had a very productive life--among his many achievements, an illustrated issue of Soviet Life magazine, distributed in the United States.

Chalunin also worked on creating murals, plaques, theatrical decorations, and book illustrations. Works by Chalunin began being displayed at exhibitions in 1939. Works by Chalunin are displayed in various museums in Russia and abroad, including the State Museum of Palekh Art, the State Russian Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, and the State Museum of Ethnography of Peoples of Russia.


Pavel Fedorovich Chalunin, a famous Palekh artist, who depicted the Battle of Peresvet and Chelubey in 1945. The original scene is depicted on page 246 of a book by A. Navozov MIRACLE OF PALEKH


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