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Chikurin Alexander Vasilyevich (1875 - 1965)  Click to play

Alexander Vasilyevich Chikurin - icon painter, lacquer miniaturist - born in the village of Dyagilevo, Vladimir Guberniya, on August 3, 1875, died there on March 7, 1965. He studied at the Palekh Art Workshops (1931-1965), and was a member of the Ancient Painting Guild since 1931. Chikurin began exhibiting in 1933.

Chikurin painted on a variety of themes: folklore, landscapes, genre scenes, portraits and many others. In addition to lacquer miniature, he also designed stage sets, books and painted on porcelain. His works are exhibited in: the State Museum of Palekh Art, the Museum of Folk Art, the State Russian Museum, the Ivanov Region Art Museum, in the State Historical and Art Museum-Preserve (Sergiev Posad) and the Pushkin All-Russia Museum in St. Petersburg.

A.V. Chikurin's works are sited in these works:

I. Feoktistova T.Ye, 1999, PALEKH ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM. To Mark the 75th anniversary of Palekh Lacquer Miniatures, OGI, Moscow:
1. Casket "The Abduction of Boyarynya Morozova by Vyazemsky" (1934, State Museum of Palekh Art), page 281.
A.V. Chikurin's biography is cited on page 330.

Reference: page 192 of Pirogova L., 1994, "PALEKH HISTORY AND MODERN TIME", ISKUSSTVO, ROSKNIGA, Moscow, ISBN 5-210-01301-4

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