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Denisenko Marina Alexeevna (1964 - ...)  Click to play

Marina Alexeevna Denisenko was born in Stavropol Kray in 1964. Now she lives in the village of Palekh in Ivanovo region. In 1986 Marina finished the Palekh Art School, where she studied under A.S. Peskov, B.M. Nemtinov, A.B. Borunov, V.I. Golov, and E.N. Vikhrev. The artist paints in the traditions of Palekh School, using tempera art technique. Marina believes that each work must be an original one, and she doesn't repeat her pieces.

She is interested in painting themes of fairy-tales, lyrical subjects, and folklore. The most important aspect of her work is the choice of a theme and a proper color palette. And she considers a miniature to be done when she feels it is a success. Upon starting a new piece Marina intends to show a theme and images of the subject's characters as well as possible. Denisenko prefers to paint in warm colors and pastel tones. It is easy to distinguish her miniatures by "family".

The author hopes admirers of her artwork will remember execution, thinness of painting, colors, and themes of her miniatures. In her spare time Marina likes to cultivate indoor plants and to rest. She wishes health and good luck in business to collectors.

Marina and her pets

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