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Denisova Natalya Nikolaevna (1975 - ...)  Click to play

Denisova (Babanova) Nataliya Nikolaevna
was born in Kokhta in Ivanovo Region in 1975.

She graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1995 and after that stayed to live in Palekh. The master works on tempera technique. Nataliya Nikolaevna created many author works, among them "Miraculous Spring" (1998), "Triumph of Labor" (1997), "Walk of the Empress" (1996).

The painter was awarded at the competition "Young Talent". She considers poetry and music to be the most important elements of her pieces and finishes a miniature, when she is completely satisfied with her work.

As an artist, Denisova starts a new piece by setting a goal to create an artwork.

The painter can paints using all color schemes; she chooses colors depending on her mood. Her miniatures differ from analogous ones by quality of painting and her original style.

The master hopes collectors will remember themes and subjects of her pieces.

In free time the artist likes to walk.

She wishes happiness to admirers of her artwork.

 Nataliya Denisova.  2000.

Nataliya on the streets of Palekh. 2000.

Reference: page 304 of Feoktistova T.E., 1999, "OGI", Moscow, 5-900241-63-7 ,

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