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Galkin Alexander Dmitrievich (1948 - ...)

Alexander Galkin was born in 1948 in Yuzha, not far from Palekh. He completed the Palekh Art School in 1969, where he studied under such teachers as A.I. Ivanov, V.I. Astakhov, V.I. Golov, and B.M. Yermolaev. Galkin's work as been displayed in numerous exhibitions around Russia. His painting technique is strictly traditional. He also enjoys painting plaques and plates.

Galkin is enchanted with the artwork of famous artists from Palekh's past. He says his style is definitely influenced by 'classical Palekh'. His favorite themes to paint are romantic fairy tales, Ukrainian fairy tales, and stories by Nikolay Gogol.

Alexander thinks that professionalism and a high level of quality are his art's key virtues. After thirty years as an artist, he believes his work is alwasy complete, and his scenes have a special rhythm about them. His color palette will vary between warm and cold, depending on the theme. In general, he loves bright colors, as well as an ochre/silver combination.

In his spare time, Alexander likes to go mushroom picking, go fishing, and to grow tomatoes at his summer garden (dacha).

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