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Glazunov Alexander Alexandrovich (1884 - 1952)  Click to play

Alexander Glazunov was born in the village of Terekhovo in 1884; he died in Moscow in 1952. Glazunov graduated from the Moscow Archeological Institute in 1910. He had his own studio of icon-painting in Moscow. He later became one of the founders of the Artel of Ancient Painting, which was established in 1924. He built up a collection of sketches, photos and opies of works in the field of ancient Russian painting, and published them in the album-book "Materials on the History of Russian Icon Painting" (Moscow, 1914, Issue 1).

The themes of Glazunov's miniature work included genre motifs, battle scenes, architectural monuments, and more. Titles were such as "The Battle", "The Encounter", "A Maiden", "An Attacking Bear", "Ornaments", "The Spinner", "Builders", "The Vasili Blazheniy Cathedral", and "Tea Drinking". He had exhibited since 1923, and his works are now in the Museum of Folk Art and the All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art.

Reference: page 193 of Pirogova L., 1994, "PALEKH HISTORY AND MODERN TIME", ISKUSSTVO, ROSKNIGA, Moscow, ISBN 5-210-01301-4

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