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Golikov Nikolay Ivanovich (1924 - ...)  Click to play

Born in 1924 in the village of Palekh, Nikolai continued the family occupational tradition of painting. Born to Ivan Golikov, the founder and director of the Artel of Ancient Painting in Palekh, Nikolai Golikov studied lacquer art at the Palekh Art School and from 1950 to 1954. It was there that he studied under I.P. Vakurov, N.M. Pailov and N.M. Zinovyev. He worked at the Palekh Art Works from 1954 to 1989. In addition, he began teaching at the Palekh Art School in 1976. He does mural, porcelain and theatrical scene painting as well as lacquer ware. In combined efforts with I.I. Zubkova, he produced the animated cartoon, "Dobrynya Nikitich" (1965). N. Golikov has also received several rewards during his career, such as the Merited artist of the Russian Federation (1967), the Peoples artist of the Russian Federation (1974), and the Order of Red Banner Labor award.

N. Golikov prefers to paint themes inspired from folklore literature, contemporary subjects, and genre scenes. Titles of his best known work include, "Ilya Muromets", "The Hay Makers", "Prince Igor", "The Gathering of Mushrooms", "Song of Merchant Kalashnikov", "Ruslan and Ludmila", "Troika". Such works have been exhibited since 1955. Works by N. Golikov can currently be seen in the State Museum of Palekh Art in Moscow and in St. Petersburgh, Museum of Folk Art, Ivanovo Regional Art Museum, the State Russian Museum, Tver Regional Art Gallery, Pereyaslave-Zalessky Historic and Art Museum, State Museum of Ethnography of Peoples of Russia, Krasnodar Territorial Art Museum, Vyatka Regional Art Museum, State Museum of Art of Kazakhstan.

Reference: Palekh: History and Modern Time by Ludmila Pirogova.

Palekh Miniature by Nekrasova.

Recollections of the famous Palekh artists P. Solonin and A. Rogov about N. Golikov:

"Alongside others, Pavel Bazhenov stood mourning by the coffin of I. Golikov. His hands reached out of their own accord for a pencil and a notebook. Bazhenov wanted to make a sketch of his teacher's face which quite recently had reflected so vividly and sincerely the stormy movement of his passionate soul... Suddenly Pavel noticed he was not alone. Golikov's thirteen-year-old son Nikolka was drawing, too, barely managing to fight back his tears. "I looked at his sketch and thought: 'Is a successor to Ivan Ivanovich being born before my very eyes in this sorrowful hour?' and I whispered to him in encouragement: 'You have done it better than me'. It took some time, but in the end Pavel Bazhenov's prediction came true."
--P. Solonin

"Nikolay Ivanovich resembles his father in his habit of humming while he works and in his ability to get impassioned in heated debates. He gets so worked up defending his ideas about art that he almost has a heart attack. In other situations he is reserved, tenderhearted and often silent, with a smile on his lips... He finds a new solution for every new work... He has several versions of "Blacksmiths" where the color of the fire is so brilliantly red that it seems you would get burnt if you touched it."
--A. Rogov

"... He takes a copy of his father's "Red Ploughman" from the shelf, looks at it and comments: 'Everything in this is symbolic. Father applied colors spots not only for beauty's sake; he also wanted the contents of the picture to be expressed more intensely, to make the color a feature in itself... That's why I never cease to learn from him."
--P. Solonin

The information is taken from the book by Shchanitsyn V.A., 1994, PALEKH and Palekhians, Shchanitsyn V.A., MOSCOW, ISBN 5-7164-004-3

Information on this artist and his works you can find in these books:

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N. Golikov’s name is mentioned in Lucy Maxym's book, at page 79.

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1. Plate “Mower” (1978, property of the artist), # 165.
2. Box “Epic tale” (1991, property of the artist), # 170.
3. Box “Tale of the fisherman and the fish” (1985, property of the artist), # 171.
4. Box “On the river” (1978, Museum of Palekh Art), # 172.

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