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Gurilyev Sergey Vladimirovich (1962 - ...)  Click to play

Sergey Vladimorovich Gurilyev and Maria Alexandrovna Gurilyeva-Ignatyeva are a husband-wife team of artists.

Sergey Vladimorovich was born in 1962 in the village of Rybino, Palekh region. Now he currently lives in the village of Palekh. In 1987 Sergey graduated from the Paleh Art School. His teachers were outstanding painters Borunov and S. Golov. Gurilyev's diploma work was called "Ilya Muromets".

Gurilyov's original works include:
1. "Snowmaiden",
2. "Sadko",
3. "Seasons",
4. "Sleeping Beauty" and many others.

Sergey Vladimorovich works in the traditions of Palekh School and uses egg-tempera paints. In artwork he is interested in depicting the themes of fairy-tales, bylinas, lyric subjects and works of literature. Color treatment of his paintings is traditional for Palekh style, but predominance is given to light and pastel tones.

The artist considers that all stages of work are very important, especialy decorating the piece with gold paint and choice of colors. Upon beginning a new piece he intends to do it to the best of his abilities and artisticaly express his feelings and emotions got from a theme. In his artwork Gurilyev uses water - color technique in egg-tempera painting.

Creative work of such masters as Borisov-Musatov, Vrubel, Nesterov and Botichely influenced his individual style. Sergey Vladimorovich thinks that his works differ from analogous ones by thinness of painting, interesting themes, beautiful color treatment and distinctive style. He hopes his peculiar execution of works and fine brush mastery will be estimated at their true values.

On painting a composition the artist spends from several weeks to several years. Everything depends on a chosen subject.

Sergey and Maria Gurilyev Sergey and Maria Gurilyev

In free time Gurilyev is occupied with his car. Sergey Vladimorovich wishes admirers of his creative work luck and happiness.

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