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Kamardina Tatiana Nikolaevna (1958)

Kamardina Tatyana Nikolaevna was born in 1958 in the village of Palekh, Ivanovo Region, where she resides at present.
In 1958 the artist finished the Palekh Art School. Her teachers were Vikhrev E.N. and Gordeev A.V. The graduation project of Kamardina T.N. was the box entitled "Avdotya Ryazanochka" (Avdotya is a Russian female name; Ryazanochka is a nickname).
At present the artist works in the Union of Palekh Artists.
Tatyana paints her works in the traditions of Palekh lacquered miniature painting. In her work she uses tempera paints, gold and silver. Themes of her works are fairy-tales, landscapes, bylinas and Russian folk songs. Her favorite subjects are fairy-tale and landscape.
Works by Kamardina T.N. are kept in private collections of Russia, the USA and Europe.
Tatyana thinks that every artist should make his work painstakingly and put his heart and soul into a miniature if he wants to make an artwork of high quality. Before beginning to paint a new miniature she carefully studies all materials that will help her to express a chosen theme entirely. She finishes painting when all her artistic ideas are realized and a theme is completely expressed.
The artist applies in work her personal methods of painting, for instance unique drawing of landscape and snow. Color palette of her works depends on a chosen theme.
Works by Kamardina T.M. can be easily recognizable by original painting technique.
Painting of such prominent Russian artists as Bilibin I.Ya., Vrubel M.A and Bazhenov had a great influence on the artistís creative work.
Tatyana likes to spend her free time with her family. She likes nature very much and that is why she likes tourism and travel.
To all admirers of miniature painting the artist wishes to take more interest in the Art of Palekh lacquer miniature and get only high quality boxes.

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