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Kolesnik Sergey Konstantinovich (1965 - ...)  Click to play

Sergey Kolesnik is an interesting, equally, as a person and an artist. Extremely intelligent, Sergey took his time in the development of his own unique style within the artistic community of Palekh. He is part of a network of Palekh artists, all friends, who are painting exceptionally creative pieces that yearn for the world's attention. This is very true in the sense that his works have sold in Russia, numerous European countries (especially Holland), and Australia. He tends to gravitate towards working with themes from literature, Russian culture, and history that directly reflect on society today. He is not only a gifted miniaturist, his skills as an icon painter have garnered him great respect throughout Palekh.

In speaking with Sergey Kolesnik he said his path to lacquer art success was very tough. Upon finishing the art school major events rocked the world in the form of communism's fall in Soviet Russia. As the iron curtain lifted everything Russian became popular and highly collectible. While many artists in the early 1990's were experiencing the boom, by painting great numbers of cheap boxes, Sergey stayed true to himself and his art. He did not give into the temptation of painting for a quick ruble, or paint for products in trade (at this time lacquer art dealers traded food, clothing, and alcohol for pieces in all of the villages).

Today he enjoys the distinction of having the respect of his peers, and the amazement of Palekh's youth. He has one son, with his wife Inna Akimova-Kolesnika, who might one day become an artist just like so many Palekh children dream to become one day. It was Sergey's child who gave him his artistic signature that he adds to every box he completes. One day Sergey's little boy (he was about 5 or 6 at the time) asked his father how to write "Sergey" because he saw his father always writing his name. When Sergey's boy came back after copying his name, it came out backwards. So if a Sergey Kolesnik lacquer miniature has what looks like a random configuration of 6 letters staring with "A", it can be explained as his signature.

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