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Albert Ivanovich Kornilov

Born in 1931 in the village of Malinovo in Palekh region (Ivanovo region), now he lives in the village of Palekh.

In 1951 Albert Ivanovich finished the Palekh Art School, where he studied under such outstanding masters as D.N. Butorin (National Artist of the Russian Republic), I.P. Vakurov (Honored Feature of Arts), N.M. Zinoviev (Honored Feature of Arts), and F.A. Kaurtsev (artist).

Kornilov implements traditional painting technique of Palekh lacquer miniature, using tempera paints. Albert Ivanovich has no attachment to any themes in his art.

Composition is the most important element in work for the master. He also pays attention to detailed painting, precision of decoration, and execution of a miniature. The author considers his personal technique of execution and thin painting in gold to be his personal art methods. And it isn't difficult to distinguish his pieces from others by these methods.

As an artist, upon starting a new work, Albert Ivanovich strives for setting only elevated goals. The painter thinks work on a miniature can be never regarded as accomplished, it is possible to improve it endlessly.

In free time Albert Ivanovich likes to go fishing.

Kornilov hopes his creative work has its admirers, and he wishes them all the best.

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