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Kornilova Nataliya Valeryevna (1968 - ...)  Click to play

Nataliya Valerievna Kornilova was born in 1968 in the town of Korkino in Chelyabinsk region, now she lives in the village of Krasnoe in Palekh region (Ivanovo region). Nataliya graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1989, where she studied under A.V. Gordeev, A.S. Peskov, T.I. Belousova, and N.M. Smirnov.

Kornilova creates miniatures, using tempera technique of art. The artist prefers natural paints. Themes of Nataliya's art pieces are various and sometimes even extraordinary, it is important for the master they must make an impression upon her. The most essential aspects of her creations are their general mood and accomplishment. Work on a miniature is complete for the author when she begins to like it. As an artist, starting a new piece, Nataliya aspires to create a work that will be more interesting than previous one.

The painter believes one can remember her detailed paintings and precision of drawings, while form doesn't always hold meaning. She said: "I don't think an artist can invent something really new in contemporary art", when we asked her if she had any personal art techniques.

Kornilova received acknowledgement of thanks for art decoration and murals at the Pioneer Camp "Eaglet" in 1988. In spare time Nataliya likes to travel especially in the air. She wishes admirers of her artwork and everybody to take pleasures in life.

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