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Kornilova Tatyana Ivanovna (1959 - ...)  Click to play

Tatiana Ivanovna Kornilova

Born in 1959 in the town of Sukhumi in the republic of Abkhaziya, but now she lives in the village of Palekh in Ivanovo region.

In 1984 Tatiana graduated from the Palekh Art School, where A.S. Gordeev and V.I. Golov taught her the art of lacquered miniature.

Kornilova works in the traditions of Palekh miniature, using tempera paints. She is keen on painting fairy-tales' subjects. The artist has created some author works, among them are miniatures "The Frog Princess" (triptych), "The Frog Princess"(casket), and "The Tales of Pushkin" (triptych). Tatiana basically uses rich colors.

The author considers a theme, tidiness of execution, and quality of her work to be the most important elements in her pieces. Upon beginning a new pattern, the artist aspires to make it accomplished.

As most of painters Tatiana have her personal art techniques, they are representation of faces, hillocks, and choice of colors. It is possible to distinguish her pieces from the others by their decoration, and especially by ornamentation.

The master hopes the admirers of her artwork will remember drawings, themes, decoration, colors, and paintings of her miniatures.

In spare time Tatiana likes to knit, and also to teach children, to do house work, and to work in her kitchen garden.

She wishes the admirers of her art good mutual understanding.


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