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Lapshin Alexey Ivanovich (1972 - ...)  Click to play

Alexey Ivanovich Lapshin was born in 1972 in the city of Ivanovo, but currently resides in Palekh. He attended the Palekh Art School, where he studied under B.A. Lekomtsev, S. Koesnik, M.A. Denisenko.

Lapshin paints in Palekh's traditional style of tempra-paints dotted with gold. The themes of his boxes are as diverse as his interests. He feels that revealing the theme through specific artistic techniques is more important than the theme itself. When starting a new piece, he tries to reveal the theme and a personal mood. Lapshin prefers to work with a classical, clear color palette. He admits that he does have a variety of personal techniques that he uses in painting, and his works have become recognizable by the execution of these techniques. Lapshin is confidant that the thin microscopic detail of his work, as well as the clarity of the drawing, colors, and execution is impressive to collectors.

Lapshin is open to a variety of activities in his spare time. To his collectors, he wishes them good health.

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