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Lebedev Vladimir Veniaminovich (1945 - 2002)  Click to play

Vladimir Veniaminovich Lebedev was born in 1945 in the village of Eremkino in Palekh district. He recently passed away of a heart attack. Vladimir had graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1967; he studied the art of lacquered miniature under N.F. Vikhrev, V.B. Bondarenko, and V.T. Kotov.

In his creative work the painter used egg tempera art techniques, gold, aluminium, paper, papier-mache, lacquer, canvas, aluminium-canvas. The subject matters of his pieces are bylinas (Russian epics), fairy-tales, and folk songs. Lebedev does miniature paintings; he also created theatrical decoration of the ballet "The Russian Miniatures", interior decoration of the jeweler's "Sadko", book miniatures (German fairy-tales), and murals of the theatres. The master had been working at the factory, in addition to doing restoration work and teaching at the art school and at home.

Works by the author are reserved in Moscow, Ivanovo, Saratov, Krasnodar museums, in New-York Metropolitan Museum, and in Manchester in Shakespeare's Museum. In creating a new piece the most important thing for Vladimir Veniaminovich was to 'not lie to himself'. And starting to paint a miniature, the artist tried to express its theme through execution of composition, drawing, colors, technique and at the same time to get due compensation. It is possible to distinguish works by Lebedev by technique of painting, character of composition and drawing, and by technique if a work isn't made to order.

In his spare time Vladimir liked to read, to go to the theatre (when he could), to work in his garden, to help children, and to bring up his grandson. The artist would like people to see the wonderful world of Russian fairy-tales, folk bylinas, folk songs, although it is difficult to convert the tongue of poetry to the tongue of art, it is like translation from Russian into English, against your will you have to introduce something of your own.

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