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Luybimova Klara Petrovna (1939)  Click to play

Luybimova Klara Petrovna was born in 1939 in the town of Slutsk, Bobruisky Region. Now she resides in the village of Palekh, Ivanovo Region.
In 1959 the artist finished the Palekh Art School where she studied under N.M. Zinovyev, D.N. Butorin, B.M. Nemtinov, V.I. Golov. The graduation project of K.P. Luybimova was a miniature "Mermaid" by A.S. Pushkin.
At present the artist works at the society "Association of Palekh", and also at the Craft Workshops of the Art Fund of the Artists Union.
Luybimova was repeatedly awarded with the diplomas of the USSR Ministry of Culture for her successful work in Lacquer Miniature Art.
The artist paints her works in the traditions of Palekh lacquer miniature, using tempera paints, gold paints and lacquer. Themes of her works are Russian fold fairy-tales, A.S. Pushkin's fairy-tales, Russian folk songs. Her favorite themes to depict are landscapes and fairy-tales.
Lyubimova's works are exhibited in the State Museum of Palekh Art and in the Ivanovo Region Art Museum.
While working on a lacquer miniature, Klara pays a special attention to the calligraphic painting of a landscape with gold paints. Beginning to paint, she intends to create a beautiful, well decorated box that could radiate goodness and optimism.
The artist prefers to use in painting warm tones. Along with the traditions of Palekh lacquer miniature, she often applies in painting her personal technical methods, especially in decorating a composition with a golden paint. Because of this unique and intricate gold painting, the viewer can easily recognize and remember works by Klara Lyubimova.
Creativity of her works was influenced by works of such famous Palekh artist as A.I. Vatagin, N.M. Zinovyev, L.V. Livanova, I.I. Zubkov.
In her free time the artist likes to meet with her friends and keep house.
Klara wishes to all admirers of Palekh lacquer miniature the following: "I wish you were a little happier and kinder after looking at my works".

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