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Maximova Zlata Leonidovna (1968 - ...)  Click to play

Maximova Zlata Leonidovna

Maximova Zlata Leonidovna was born in 1968 in the village of Bulanash, Sverdlovsk region. At present she lives in the village of Palekh.

In 1989 Zlata Leonidovna finished the Palekh Art School. Her teachers were famous Palekh artists Vikhrev E.N., Peskov A.S. Her diploma work was a box entitled "Golden Hair Girl".

The artist is rewarded with the honorary title "Master of lacquer miniature". Her artworks are held in many Russian museums.

Now Zlata Leonidovna works at the Union of Palekh artists.

The artist prefers to paint her artworks on the themes of Russian fairy-tales, applying her personal painting methods of gold detailing. Beginning her work on a composition, she intends to express the theme. Considers her work to be finished when it is technically completed and a main idea of the chosen theme is wholly expressed.

Zlata Leonidovna thinks it's easy to distinguish her works by the compositional structure and interesting themes.

Creative work of such well-known artists as V. Khodov and A. Kochupalov had influence on her painting.

In her free time Zlata Leonidovna likes to read.

Z.L. Maximova wishes her admires "to love the art of Palekh miniature".

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