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Molkov Sergey Alexeevich (1967 - ...)  Click to play

Sergey Alekseevich Malkov

Sergey Alekseevich Molkov was born in the village of Palekh, the region of Ivanovo, in 1967, where he currently resides. He finished the Palekh Art School in 1987.

He creates only original paintings. He uses Palekh lacquer miniature techniques in his works. Various subjects, from fairy tales to beach scenes on the Black Sea coast, are reflected in his works.

Sergey Alekseevich is disabled, his legs are paralyzed, and he uses wheelchair to move around.

He uses gold and distemper in his paintings; recently he began to make the background golden, and his works became bright and effective. The mood, as he thinks, is the most important in his works. He considers the miniature finished, when it is embellished by gold.

As the artist, starting the new piece of work, he seeks to elaborate the subject and to implement it in a casket. Sergey uses all colors and all types of paints in his handiwork. His works are easily recognizable from others by his unique painting techniques.

The artist considers that work should be memorable by manner and composition. At leisure time, when he does not work, he likes to socialize with friends. He wishes his admirers to acquire more Palekh miniatures of high quality.

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