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Myznikov Yevgeniy Gennadievich (1959 - ...)  Click to play

Myznikov Evgeny Gennadievich

Was born in 1959 in the village of Palekh in Ivanovo region, where he currently resides with his family.

In 1979 Myznikov finished his education at the Palekh Art School, where he studied tempera technique of painting. Evgeny Gennadievich works in the style of Palekh lacquered miniature. The painter creates author works. He is interested in painting on epic, religious, and fairy-tales' themes in the first place. Pattern composition is an important aspect of his pieces. Myznikov considers a box finished when he was able to get needed result. Upon beginning a new piece, the master sets himself reproduction of his thoughts as an object.

Being an artist, Evgeny Gennadievich has his own painting techniques. So his pieces are easy distinguished from others by technique of artistic execution, mixing of colors and technical devices.

He hopes people will remember precision of paintings and drawings, colors and paints, as well as execution of his creative works.

In his spare time Evgeny Gennadievich likes to go into the fresh air, he prefers to go fishing and hunting. He wishes good health and all the best to admirers of his talent.

Evgeniy at his workplace

Evgeniy at his workplace

E.G. Myznikov's address: 10, Vakurov Street, Palekh, Ivanovo Region, Russia, zip code 155620.

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