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Alexander Sergeevich Nickolayev HEAR THE ARTISTS NAME was born in the village of Gorka, the district of Buysk, the region of Kostroma, in 1949. He currently resides in the village of Palekh. Graduated from Palekh Art School in 1972 after having studied under such well-known artists as N. M. Zinoviev, V. I. Golov, A. V. Borunov, M. I. Shemarov, K. S. Semaykin. He implements rich Palekh lacquer miniature art tradition into his works. He doesn't have author's original compositions, but he is good painter of well-known subjects.

The artist loves themes of Russian fairy tales, A. Pushkin stories, Bylini legends. The artist uses gold leaf and tempera color paints of bright and natural colors. He believes the quality of work is the most important factor in creating his works of art. Alexander considers the miniature done, when the work brings satisfaction, when the appropriate color palette is found and applying gold is finished.

Upon beginning a new piece, Nickolayev tries to achieve harmony between the theme, shape of the miniature (intermediate product), and color palette. He prefers bright colors and natural tones. His works are distinguishable by precise golden details and overall accuracy of execution. Alexander believes his pieces can be memorable for its color palette choice and composition.

In his free time, Nickolayev enjoys working in the garden. He hopes his collectors keep a genuine interest in his artwork.

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