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Populova Marya Yevgenievna (1982 - ...)

Populova Marya Yevgenievna was born in 1982 in the village of Palekh, Ivanovo Region, where she resides at present.
In 2002 the artist finished the Palekh Art School. Her teachers were Morokin V.F., Golubev O.L., Buldakov V.V., Smirnov N.M., Belousova T.N., Belousov M.R., Lopatin N.P. The graduation project of Populova M.Ye. included the box entitled “Winter in Palekh”.
Populova M.Ye. won the diploma in the competition “Palekh box” that took place at the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Palekh lacquered miniature.
Now Marya Yevgenievna works at the Union of Palekh artist and studies at the Shuya Pedagogical University.
The artist paints her works in the traditions of Palekh lacquered miniature using tempera paints and water-colors. Themes of her works are “Hunting”, “Snowmaiden”, “Wedding”, “Thumbelina” and “Barynya-Krestyanka”.
Marya Yevgenievna thinks that expression of artistic image and selection of colors are the most important stages in work on a lacquered miniature. Beginning to paint, she intends to create an aesthetically beautiful composition. Finishes painting, when she feels that she is completely satisfied with her work.
The artist prefers to use in painting cold tones. She thinks her works are notable for coloring, themes and original style of painting.
Works by such famous Russian artists as Vrubel M.A., Levitan I.I., Rublev A. and also Palekh artists Livanova I.V. and Morokin V.F. had a great influence on the artist’s creativity.
In her free time Marya Yevgenievna likes to embroider and paint sketches.
To all admirers of the art of lacquered miniature painting and collectors the artist wishes the following: “Don’t be indifferent to the Palekh Art. Come to Russia to visit Palekh artists!”

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