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Shemarov Mikhail Ivanovich (1914 - ...)  Click to play

Shemarov Mikhail Ivanovich

Was born in 1914 in Palekh located in the Ivanovskaya region.
Shemarov joined the USSR Union of Artists in 1962.
The artist studied at the Palekh art School (1939-1941) and having graduated from it he worked at the Palekh Art Workshops (1943-1974). Shemarov worked as a head master of the Palekh Art School (1943-1974).

Shemarov's favorite themes are folklore, fairy-tales, the history of Artel of Ancient art, genre scenes, hunting ("Singer of Palekh", "Igor's capture", "Russian songs", "The word about Igor's regiment" (together with his wife M.P. Shemarova).

Participant of different exhibitions since 1960.

Shemarov's artworks are exhibited in many museums such as the State Museum of Palekh Art, The State Russian Museum.

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