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Smirnov Alexey Gennadievich (1932 - ...)  Click to play

Alexey Gennadievich Smirnov was born in the city of Shuya, the region of Ivanovo, in 1932. He currently resides in the village of Palekh, the region of Ivanovo. He graduated from Palekh Art School in 1959. He had studied under such well-known artists as B. M. Nemtinov, Butorin, Kaurtsev.

Alexey doesn't make copies, all his pieces are original. He doesn't have awards or titles. Alexey Smirnov is Palekh lacquer miniature artist, he uses egg tempera color paints. He loves Russian fairy tales themes for his paintings, but he can use any other theme, if ordered.

Works by Smirnov can be found in numerous private collections in the USA and Europe. He believes his choices of composition, drawing, and colors are the most important factors in creating his works of art. Alexey Smirnov considers that any miniature can almost never be finished. As the artist, starting the new piece of work, he strives to create new subject and to decorate the miniature.

Alexey is sure that knowing the artistic manner of each painter, his "hand", helps to distinguish one painter from the other. He prefers warm color palette. He doesn't have own painting styles. Alexey Smirnov thinks that his works can be remembered for its color palette and composition. At leisure time, he loves to go fishing, working in the garden, and reading. He wishes his collectors to distinguish real high quality Palekh miniatures from counterfeiting.

Smirnov and his lacquerbox
Alexey Gennadievich and his lacquerbox

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