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Suloev Pavel (-)  Click to play

Pavel Suloev is the son of Nina Suloeva. He lives in Palekh with his family, and has a great teacher, in his mother, to guide his artistic talents with lacquer miniatures. He is in his mid twenties with a wife and a daughter. In Palekh he has developed a respect from youth as his personality and character is strong and unwielding.

He treats art in the same way. He takes a direct path to show exactly what he intends. But he does this much of the time by experimenting. He likes to use gold leaf in a variety of ways, and sometimes comes up with a very original way to make it shine through the composition on the box he is working on. He is up to any challenge, big or small, when painting, and his paintings have appeared on palm sized boxes and full fledged caskets.

If Palekh's young generation of artists is anything like Pavel, Palekh has a bright future ahead of it. There is nothing better than a youthful mind full of fresh ideas that is ready to change how people look at art.

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