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Suslov Ivan Pavlovich (1905 - 1994)  Click to play

Suslov Ivan Pavlovich - icon painter, lacquer miniturist.

Born in the village of Palekh (Vladimir Region), on March 24, 1905, died in 1994.

Studied in the workshops of the Committee for the Patronage of Russian Icon Painting under I.M. Bakanov and E.I. Styagov. Member of the Artel of Ancient Painting since 1930; his teacher was A.A. Dydykin. Graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1934. His teacher was N.M. Zinovyev.

Worked as a porcelain painter at the Dulevsk factory (1936-1938).

Began exhibiting in 1933.

Themes of his works: folklore, literature, rustic motifs, genre scenes, revolutionary subjects ("Kolchakovshchina", "Summer", "The sister is not at home", "Khaz-Bulat").

I.P. Suslov works are exhibited in: State Museum of Palekh Art, Ivanovo Region Art Museum, Folk Art Museum (Moscow), State Historical and Art Museum-Preserve (Sergiev Posad).

The information on this artist you can find in these books:

1. Bratchikova Ye. K., 1996, MINIATURISTS OF PALEKH. NAME REFERENCE, RUSSLIT, Moscow, ISBN 5-7739-0001-7, ISBN 5-86508-035-0: page 106.

2.Pirogova L., 1994, PALEKH HISTORY AND MODERN TIME, ISKUSSTVO, ROSKNIGA, Moscow, ISBN 5-210-01301-4: pages 188, 199.

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