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Vladimir Alexandrovich Titov, born in 1937 in the city of Vichuga, of the Ivanovo region, currently resides in the village of Palekh. Graduating from the Palekh Art School in 1965, he studied under such formidable names as V. I. Golov, A. V. Borunov, V. I. Astarkhov, and V. T. Bondarenko.

Upon graduation Vladimir Alexandrovich earned the honorable "60-th anniversary of the Palekh Art" diploma. This artist uses tempera-based paint in his painting of lacquer miniatures. Titov's lacquer art is a reflection of his interests in depicting Bylini legends, Russian fairytales, folk song themes, and historical events.

He believes that composition is very important in painting. Vladimir considers a miniature complete when the application of the gold is finished. As any true artist does, he seeks out inspiration and originality when starting to paint something new.

Vladimir loves to use bright tones and he is fixed on using a wide variety of colors in his palette when he paints. As any experienced artist, Vladimir has his own style that is unique from other artists. His work can be distinguished by his painting technique of flowing painting, his original composition, and the black background of his paintings. Vladimir hopes his lacquer miniatures will be remembered for their precision and delicacy of rendering, original composition, interesting themes, the variety of color in his palette, and the quality that he painted with.

During his free time, Vladimir enjoys working at home. To all the admirers who have acquired one of his pieces, he extends good wishes and hopes that they are satisfied with his work.

Vladimir with his lacquerbox
Vladimir with his work

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