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Trusov Anataloiy Alexandrovich (1950)  Click to play

Trusov Anatoliy Alexandrovich was born in 1950 in the town of Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad Region. Now he resides in the village of Palekh.
In 1973 Anatoliy finished the Palekh Art School. His teachers were B.M. Nemtinov and M.I. Shemarov.
Worked in the Palekh studios of lacquer miniature painting in 1970-1989.
Began exhibiting in 1997. His box "Ilya Muromets and Kalin-Tsar" (1998) won the diploma of the IX All-Russia exhibition "Russia" (Moscow, 1999).
The artist paints in the style of Palekh lacquered miniature, using tempera paints, gold paints and paper-mache. Themes of his works are fairy-tales and folklore.
Working at a lacquered miniature, Anatoliy gives much attention to a quality of painting. The artist prefers to use in painting mostly warm tones. His favorite cold tones are green and blue. It's easy to recognize his works by plenty of golden paints.
Anatoliy hopes that admirers will appreciate his works because of his artistic performance.
In his free time the artist likes to walk in the forest and work in his kitchen garden.
The Major works by A.A. Trusov:
- Box “Ilya Muromets and Kalin-Tsar” (1998, the diploma of the IX All-Russia exhibition “Russia” (Moscow, 1999).
- Box “Princess Frog’s arrival to the ball” (1999)

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