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Tselikov Yevgeniy Alexandrovich (1970 - ...)  Click to play

Evgeniy Alexeevich Tselikov

Born in 1970 in Sterlitamak in Bashkirskaya Republic. Now he lives in the village of Palekh.

In 1991 Evgeniy graduated from the Art School, where he studied under A.V. Gordeev, A.S. Peskov, E.N. Vikhrev, and V.T. Kotov. Evgeniy's degree work was a miniature "Master and Margarita" by M.A. Bulgakov's subject. Evgeniy works only in-home as he regards himself as an independent, free artist.

Tselikov paints in his own style, which he developed during several years, using tempera paints. The master represents everything he is interesting in, but mostly satirical or comic themes.

The author considers contents and execution that are idea and technique to be the most important elements of his pieces. Tselikov, as the majority of artists, has his personal art techniques: a combination of different miniature painting methods, as he holds, nowadays they don't have analogues in Palekh. According to the master, his miniatures differ from most of others because they can be examined through strong magnifiers, and it is possible to see fragments of their drawings (they do not lose anything being magnified).

Starting a new miniature, Evgeniy aspires to make-work on it to be interesting for him. A miniature is completed for the master when he finishes polishing and packs it into a box. The author's painting was affected by creativity of Boskh, Braigel, and other medieval artists.

Evgeniy devotes all free time to his hobby - photography.

He wants to tell admirers of his artwork he is very glad, that his work is the object of attentions. He wishes everybody all the best.

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