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Velichko Boris Yuryevich (1958 - ...)  Click to play

Born in 1958 in the city of Kerch, Crimean region. Now he lives in the village of Palekh, Ivanovo region. In 1981 B.Yu. Velichko graduated from the Palekh Art School. His teachers were Yu.A. Brovkin, A.V. Gordeev, and K.S. Semaikin. His graduation project was the miniature "Alyona Arzamaskaya". At present, Velichko works at the Union of Palekh artists and teaches at the Art School. His works can be seen in the Palekh State Museum, the Plyos Museum, and also in private collections in the USA and Germany.

Boris Yurievich paints his works in the traditions of Palekh School using tempera paints and acrilic. He is also interested in wall painting. His favorite themes to depict are historical subjects, genre scenes, folklore and fairy-tales. The artist thinks that the most important elements in his works are compositional structure, coloring and thinness of painting. Beginning to paint a new composition, he intends to express a chosen theme as fully as he can. In most cases he is dissatisfied with the final result as he supposes that any composition can be painted better.

Working on a lacquered miniature Boris Yurievich always tries to convey people positive emotions through his work. He prefers to use in painting cold tones such as blue, green and ochre. Boris Yurievich applies in painting his personal techniques of art. He thinks his works are notable for thinness of painting, coloring, decorative design and peculiar execution. Velichko thinks that painting of I.I. Golikov, P.D. Bazhenov, I.P. Vakurov, A.I. Kuingi, Korovin S.A. and I.I. Levitan had a great influence on his creativity. In his free time Boris Yurievich likes to teach, to work in his kitchen garden and go fishing.

The artist hopes his works will bring pleasure and kindness to people, and also he wishes all admirers of the art of lacquered miniature painting health, happiness, and kindness with all his heart.

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