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Vlezko Vladimir Alexandrovich (1944 - ...)  Click to play

Vladimir Alekseevich Vlezko HEAR THE ARTISTS NAME was born in the village of Novoye, the region of Krasnodar, in 1944. He currently resides in the village of Palekh. Graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1964. He had studied under such well-established artists as B. M. Nemtinov, A. V. Borunov, Astakhov, N. F. Vikhrev. His graduation work was entitled "Young Volunteers". Now he is a teacher in Palekh Art School named in honor of M. Gorkiy. The artist doesn't have awards or titles.

He uses tempera colors in his works; he implements Palekh lacquer miniature tradition into his pieces. Vlezko's paintings express his interest in fairy tales, stories, songs, etc. His pieces are displayed in the Palekh State Museum of the Palekh Art, and in numerous private collections.

The creativeness, he thinks, is very important in painting. Vladimir considers the miniature finished, when he is fully satisfied with the result. As the artist, starting the new piece of work, he seeks to create new and beautiful subject. He uses all colors and color palettes in his pieces. Vladimir Vlezko, as any well-established artist, has his own unique style in painting. He always spends different time to accomplish every lacquer box. The artist considers that his pieces should be memorable for its precision and delicacy of rendering, interesting themes and original composition.

When he doesn't work, he likes to spend time with friends. To all the admirers of his art, he hopes that his lacquer miniature art continues to bring you joy.

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