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Yelisova Yelena Ivanovna (1956 - ...)  Click to play

Yelena Ivanovna Yelisova was born in 1956 in the town of Kineshma in Ivanovo region. She graduated from the Palekh Art School in 1980, where she studied under such masters as B.M. Nemtinov and V.I. Golov. Yelisova first worked at the Palekh Art Workshops (1980-1991). Then in 1991 she became a member of the Palekh Artel.

Yelena Ivanovna's art is a reflection of her interest in painting folklore themes and genre scenes. Her best works include "Divination with Wreaths", "Winter", "Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf". Miniatures by Yelisova have been participants of various exhibitions since 1980, and her pieces also entered collections of the State Museum of Palekh Art and Russian Folk Arts and Crafts Museum.

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