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Zubkov Ivan Ivanovich (1883 - 1938)  Click to play

Ivan Ivanovich Zubkov

Was born in 1883 in the village of Deryagino in Vladimirskaya gubernia near Palekh and died in 1938 there too.

As his brother, father, and grandfather were icon-painters, Ivan decided to continue the family's occupation, he studied in the icon workshop of the Belousovs under D.I. Salapin (1892-1896).

Zubkov did monumental paintings: murals of the Young Pioneer Palace in Leningrad in 1936 and of the sanatorium in Cochi in 1937. The master also restored frescoes in Samara.

Ivan Ivanovich Zubkov was one of the founders of the Artel of Old Painting in 1924. Apart from miniatures and monumental painting, he did book illustrations.

The themes of his works are folklore, literature, landscapes, contemporary and genre scenes. Many of pieces by the master have been participants of exhibitions since 1925, among them are such miniatures as "Boris Godunov", "Spring", "Harvest-Time", "Temptation", "Betrayal", "As at our Gates", "At the Mill", "On the River", "Onegin", "Palekh", "Linking Town with Village", "The Tale of Fish and Fisherman", "Morning".

Museums in Palekh, Moscow, Sergiev Posad hold his works.

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