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Zubkova Tamara Ivanovna (1917 - 1973)  Click to play

Tamara Ivanovna Zubkova

She was born in 1917 in the village of Deryagino in Vladimirskaya guberniya and died in 1973 there too.

Tamara Ivanovna has receives some awards such as the Honored Figure of Art of the Russian Republic (1956), the Laureate of I.E. Repin State Prize of the Russian Republic (1970).

She studied at the Palekh Art School (1933-1938) under P.D. Bazhenov. Having graduated from it, she worked at the Association, and then at the Palekh Art Workshops (1940-1973). Moreover, she worked as an artist at a porcelain factory "Red Porcelain Painter" from 1938 till 1940. Apart from lacquer ware Zubkova also created porcelain, murals, lacquer plaques, book illustrations, monumental and theatrical scene painting. In combined efforts with N.I. Golokov, she produced the animated cartoon "Dobrynya Nikitich" (1965). In 1959 she designed the room of fairy-tales at the children tailor's shop in the town of Shuya; from 1955 to 1957 Tamara took part in restoration of the Lacquered Study of Monplaisir pavilion in Peterhoff.

The themes of artist's pieces are folklore, literature, and genre scenes. The most prominent works by the author are miniatures "The Scarlet Flower", "Alyonushka", "The Meeting of Yuriy with Fevroniya", "Vision of Kitezh under Water", "On the Outskirts", "Kashcheevna", "There is not the better color then that", "Mizgir and Kupava", "Miller", "Accordion Sings beyond the Volga", "The Dream of Fevroniya", "Snowmaiden", "Bird Cherry".

Miniatures by Zubkova have been exhibited since 1946, and some of them are reserved in the State Museum of Palekh Art, Ivanovo Region Museum, Nijniy Novgorod Art Museum, Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Zagorsk Historic and Art State Museum-Park, the State Russian Museum, Folk Art Museum, Russian Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, the State Museum of Ethnography, Irkutsk Regional Art Museum.

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