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Zverkova Lilia Sergeevna (1941 - ...)  Click to play

Zverkova Liliya Sergeevna

Was born in 1941 in the town of Prokopievsk in Kemerov region.

From 1962 to 1967 Zverkova was studying at the Palekh Art School under outstanding masters of Palekh I.P. Vakurov and A.V. Kotukhin.

As soon as she graduated from this school the Palekh Art Workshops employed her.

The themes of the master's artwork are folklore, literature, and genre scenes. Many of her miniatures have been participants of various exhibitions since 1969, among them are the most popular pieces "Danko", "In the Forest", "Peddlers", "Bast Shoes", "Out for Mushrooms", and "Midday". In 1974 Liliya Sergeevna joined the Artists' Union. Apart from miniature paintings Liliya Sergeevna produced jewellery in close co-cooperation with a jeweler L.I. Kolovangina.

The art pieces by the painter are reserved in the collections of the State Museum of Palekh Art, Russian Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, Russian Art Fund.

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