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Title: Portrait of V.I. Lenin
Artist: Aldoshkin Nikolay
Size (cm): 28x16.5x1.2
Price : $2000 SOLD!





This brilliant specimen of the Fedoskino School will be a perfect present for any collector and adorn any collection, as it was created in 1986 by the famous painter Nikolay Aldoshkin. The plate shows the portrait of V.I. Lenin. In the Soviet times only a great master was permitted to paint the communist leader and that's why this plate is of high quality. The palette is based on the beautiful combination of yellow, grey and brown tones. The plate is a good example of the art of Soviet epoch. The portrait is framed with a gold line. The plate is made out of paper-mache. It can be hung on the wall with a metal hook. The back side of the plate is covered with black lacquer.