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Title: Sivka-Burka
Artist: Veselov Mikhail
Size (cm): 26x21x6.5
Size (inches): 10.5x8.5x2.75
Price : $2450 SOLD!





This splendid piece created by one of the most talented Kholuy artist Mikhail Veselov. Mikhail utilizes iconographic painting tradition of including multiple scenes in one composition to tell the full story of the depicted theme. In this stunning work, Veselov takes on the take of Sivka-Burka, the tale of young Ivan and magical horse that helps him win the hand of the most beautiful girl in the land. The large box is the perfect canvas for the large primary scene of Ivan catching not only the ring, but a kiss from the tsar's daughter, with supplement scenes in the upper conners. There is interesting and beautifully executed detail through out. Ornate gold and silver filigree decorates the sides of the box. Box is made from papier-mache, hinged and rest on four legs. Composition is signed and dated by artist.