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Title: Tsar Saltan fairy tale
Artist: Veselov Mikhail
Size (cm): 10x10x3
Size (inches): 4x4x1.5
Price : $1850 SOLD!





Mikhail veselov of kholuy is the artist who painted this box. he is talented artist whose style is anhanced by the ultra-thin brushwork he manages to render. There are a few artist who have the ability to make the smallest strokes of paint come to life , and he is in this handful of famous Kholuy names. This work is no exception; he has taken a small size box and created a king-size composition within the boundaries of its lid. Tsar Saltanhas arrived to his son's kingdom, and the party is about to start. Although they are father and son they were separated shortly after Gvidon's birth due to unfortunate circumstances, the tsar having never actually seen his son. Cvidon's wife, the Princes Swan is one of this wonders of this world, that until now was unfamiliar to Saltan. They will get to see the other two wonders and then the feast will ensue. The first of the other two wonders is an army of sea warriors who are guided by Tsar Morskoi. The latter of the two wonders is the Magic Squirrel. It sits in crystal cage, gnawing on golden nuts, and drops the emerald kernels to the ground. Egg-tempera paint is the main medium used to paint this composition. he uses a palette that relies on greens as a base and reds to create flair. The other colors used, like yellow, gray, and brown are all made to help faciliate the briliance of the reds and greens. Painting many reds and greens. painting many characters in a composition is difficult, but here he has made each look unique and stand out from the others in the crowd. There is a great sense of animation in their body language, and he arranges them in a way that the aya scans not only them, but their surroundings with equal interest. The main portion of the scene is painted in a dramatic collusion of lines to show the emotive power in this section of the tale. Gold and aluminum are used to outline and detail the composition. This is done with great subtlety and a feeling for the delicate balance of color and line. The boxis made out of paper-mache made in Kholuy. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the piece; clear lacquer is added in layers that are polished to a gleaming finish. Gold beading frames the scene on the lid, while floral ornamentation wraps around the side of the box. This decoration is amazingly intricate, has aluminium accent, and shows a high level of maturity on the part of the artist. The box has no hinge and rests on three rounded feet. The artist writes the title , Kholuy, 2003, and signs his name at the bottom of the composition. Upon comletion he also writes this on the interior of the lid, but adds that this work is an artistic original.