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Title: Foundling
Artist: Vlasova Svetlana vladimirovna
Size (cm): 11.5x8.5x2.5
Size (inches): 4.25x3.25x1
Price : $1250 SOLD!





This ia an original egg-tempera composition by Kholuy artist Svetlana Vlasova. Svetlana finished Kholuy lacquer miniature art school in 1992, and specializes in intricate golden scroll work and miniature detailing of lacquer boxes. She works along side with her husband, skilled miniature painter Yevgeniy Vlasov, and paints the faces and golden highlights on his artwork as well.

This is tender portrayal of a girl and foundling fawn, bathed in dawn's golden light. The girl in the scene ia apparently a sort of snow white, with all her forest friends scurrying out to greet her. Her face is sweet and comforting, doting over the vulnerable, little fawn.

This egg tempera composition features Vlasova's unique and impressive detail work. The scene has subtle, realistic blending of shade and color, almost like oil painting. In the forefront are extremely fine roots, fronds, blades of grass and mushrooms of the forest floor. The strokes are so fine and precise they appear to be natural light of dawn. The fawn's coat is accented to make it look downy soft to the touch. The girl's salmon colored gauzy dress has traditional fine flowered embroidery and trim. Pleats and folds are accented with gold. The trees above from a sheltering canopy, every leaf and vein are defined. The trees in the background fade into the early moning mist.

Framing the piece is snake-like gold dotted filigree. The sides are ornamented with two rows of aluminium and gold leaf and flower filigree. The base of the box has a string of gold dotted filigree with interwoven strings of swirled filigree. The box is hinged at the top and the box sits flat. Vlasova has titled, signed, and described her work on the underside of the lid, with a regal stamp style border.

Materials: paper-mache, egg-tempera paint, gold, aluminium, red, black and clear lacquer.