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Title: Winter fantasy
Artist: Dmitriev Sergey Mikhailovich
Size (cm): 15x15x5
Size (inches): 6x6x1.75
Price : $5650 SOLD!





She is almost home from her walk to the river. Two buckets filled with water from the river are on a yoke that is positioned over her shoulders. She stares at us with delicate eyes and a fruitful smile. Her beaty is one that transcends time, and one can get lost in the lines of her face. Her youth will be with her for only a few short years, but she will transform, shedding her innocence, into elegant woman brimming with confidance.

Sergey Dmitriev of Kholuy painted this beautiful composition. His art and his style are a product of self evolution which he has worked very hard on. he has made himself into a great artist by using his God-given talents to their fullest. It isn't suprising that his work gets better with every pinting he completes. Egg-trmpera paint is the main medium used to paint this composition. The Artist paints using nearly a grayscale palette, which he injects with soft yellows and browns. This effectively duplicates the sense of a cold wintwr day, where snow could come at anytime and the clouds shroud the sun's light. The composition is framed very well and the girl's head is painted in an area just above where the two hills would connect in the center of the scene. Although there is symmetry in the structure Dmitriyev pants two distinct cathedrals on the top of each hill, while he fills the landscape with unique homes and elements of nature. Gold and aluminium paints are used to detail the composition, which added to delicate ambiance of the scene.

The box is made out of paper-mache in village of Kholuy. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box; clear lacquer is added in layers that are polished to a gleaming finish. Gild and aluminium ornamentation wraps around the sides of the box, while thin gold scrollwork borders the edges of the lid. The box has a hinge above the composition and rests on four feet. Upon completing the work on this piece the artist writes the title, "Kholuy, 2002" and signs his name on the interior of the lid and at the bottom of the composition.

Materials: Paper-mache, egg-tempera paint, golg, aluminium and lacquer.