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Title: Wedding
Artist: Veselov Mikhail
Size (cm): 24x8x4
Size (inches): 9.75x3.25x1.75
Price : $2850 SOLD!





After the wedding ceremony in the church the newly married bride and groom are taken by horse through th village. When villagers get married, not only are the friends and family invated, but the entire village takes part in the festivities. It gives them another reason to sing, dance, and bring strong spirits to the table. When the couple gets to the reception hall they are greeted with two icons (Christ Holding the Gospel and the Vladimir Virgin Mary) which each kisses, and bread and salt. the bread (called "karavai") and salt are presented to those who are being welcomed in from a journey, or those who have arrived somewhere where they will start one. The bride and groom take one bite each out of the "karavai", and it is said that whoever has the larger piece will be real head of the household. This wide piece was painted by Mikhail Veselov of Kholuy. His brother, Victor,is also a talented artist, and the two have carved a distinct niche for themselves in Kholuy. Mikhail's works are easily recognizable in the construction of the scene and the way he works his palette. Today his pieces find themselves in museums throughtout Russia and in private collections around the world. Egg-tempera paint is the main medium used to paint this composition. Veselov uses a wide range of colors from his palette, which makes this piece come to life. Darker greens in tone and hue make up the majority of the background to convey the bucolic setting of the village. Lighter, and warmer, colors are used to depict the action taking place with the villagers. Each villager is painted differently, so that ther is variation in the faces and moods of the people from left to right. He separates the composition into three parts. To the left are all the villagers, who are also represented by the village church in the background. In the middle is the icons and bread and salt. Gold paint is used to highlight the scene, but is limned on in such a manner that it provides the palette with extra flair. The box is made out of paper-mache from Kholuy. Black lacquer covers the exterior of the box; clear lacquer is added in layers that are polished to a gleaming finish. Gold beading frames the scene, while gold ornamentation, with aluminum accents, wraps around the sides of the box. The box has a hinge above the composition and rests on four rounded feet. Upon completing the work on this piece the artist writes the title, kholuy, 2003, and signs his name at the bottom of the composition. He also does this on the interior of the lid, but adds that work is an artistic original.