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Title: Solovey Budimirovich
Artist: Veselov Mikhail Mikhailovich
Size (cm): 18x8.5x4
Size (inches): 6.75x3.25x1.25
Price : $2250 SOLD!





No matter the weather. No matter the day. The currents of the sea are constant. Storms may kick them into a deadly frenzy of wave and typhoon. The summer sun may decorate it's glassy elegance with that perfect angelic illumination. Nevertheless, it is a constant. Appearence may vary, about anly in the slighest. The ocean will always be the ocean. Until today? There is something different about today. Tiny tides roll into the shoreline like a natural handshake. Greeting. Crabs and starfishmove out of the way and almost seem to bow cordial. Is the water speaking to them. And suddenly , the surface stills. It appears more like a lake than a fresh ocean setting. It is the ideal surface now, ideal for presentation. Prince Vladimir was strolling alone, close to this odd looking abomination of water. He noticed the change immediately. And the overcast horizon as well. Dark, musty clouds gave the way to parade of light. The cooling drizzle was evaporated by a warm southerly breeze that acted like a whisper of fortune. Something was coming. Before Prince Vladimir could even think about summoning his wife, arrival was starting him straight in the face. An arrival that change his life forever... Mikhail Veselov is the talented Kholuy master responsible for the delightful assembly of color and design before you. Delicius detail, stunning decoration and a rather sublime palette make this composition quality in the highest degree. Egg-tempera paint is the primary medium used to compose this scene from the legendary tale of, "Solovey Budimirovich". The story tells of a mysterious fleet of ships that arrives quite unexpectedly of the shores of Kiev. The cargo of this fleet was much more than mere treasured goods. Ther was reward here. Reward that had to wait to be gifted. Beginnings are beginningf, but it is the end that may offer entirely new avenues of adventure and romance. The scene depicted here takes place at the very beginning of the story. We see the flamboyant Solovey Budimirovich standing on the arriving ship to the left. He saved the best, himself, for last. Others have already arrived as part of his court and they begin to shower Prince Vladimir and his wife with the wide variety of presents. Veselov does a great job in making this apper like an important meeting. Even though the palette is somewhat dark, the massive combination of colors grant the scene a festive personality. Everything! Everything is detailed with the utmost precision. Each character appears as an individual instead of a simple group of bland people. The landscape and the waterway flow amazingly. The artist was kind to the realism of the scene. The box is constructed from paper-mache in the village of Kholuy. Black lacquer completes the exterior of the piece while red lacquer completes the interior of the box. The edge of the lid and base extend outward giving the piece a more antique appearance . A hinge has been fastened to the top of the composition. The decoration of the piece is an entirely separate feature of the box. This has always been a stample of Veselov's. A parallel grouping of golden beads and gold scrollwork hold tightly wound filigree designs in their grasp. They look like tiny fish playing in the shallow waters of a tide pool. the four corners of this design combust into very elaborate filigree bouquets that are breathtaking at any angle. All of this design work is accentuated with aluminum beadwork. The base of the piece is patterned with feathering golden filigree that glides like the currents of the sea. A shimmering compliment to the lid. The artist has also used several silvers of gold dress up the costumes of the characters, the ship and the roofd of the buildings. The box comes to rest on four dimpled feet. Upon completion of the work the artist writes their name, the title of the piece, the village name of Kholuy and the year of 2002 of which the piece was finished along the bottom of the lid's composition in gold paint.