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Tsar Saul Levonidovich

The action of this legend took place in some kingdom which was called Alyberskoe. Tsar Saul Levonidovich departed to the Mongolian horde and intended to stay there for twelve years. He left at home his young wife who was expecting a baby. Before the departure he said to his wife Elena Alexandrovna:
"If you give birth to a son you should rear him and send for me; if you give birth to a daughter you should rear and marry her off and send your dear son-in-law for me."
Tsaritsa gave birth to a son who was called Konstantin. The boy was growing up very quickly. At the age of seven the boy learnt to read and write; at the age of ten he could win a single combat with an adult. One day Konstantin asked his mother: "Where is my father, Saul Levonidovich?"
Elena Alexandrovna told him the last will of his father. Having heard it, Konstantin decided to go for his father and saddled his steed. He called in on the way at a chapel to pray God and began his journey. Some time later he found himlself at the crossroad. Three roads led to different directions. If a traveller chose the right road he would die, but his steed would be fed up. If a traveller chose the left road he would be fed up but his steed will be hungry. If a traveller chose the middle road he will be killed for no reason. Konstantin chose the middle road. In strange lands he met tatars who attacked him and the battle began. Having won the battle the young warrior went to the town of Uglich. The inhabitants of Uglich deceived Konstantin and ensnared him. So young Konstantin Saulovich was put into prison.
Meanwhile Tsar Saul Levonidovich came back to his kingdome. Tsaritsa Elena Alexandrovna met him and told bad news. His son had dissappeared without a trace. As soon as Saul Levonidovich heard it he set out in search of his son.
Soon the tsar found out that his son was taken prisoner by Uglich inhabitants. Then he went to Uglich and claimed to release his son. Uglich inhabitants were frightened of the menacing tsar and realesed Konstantin.
The Uglich inhabitants involved in Konstantin's taking prisoner were executed. Tables were set and great feast was held. People celebrated the meeting of Tsar Saul Levonidovich and his son Konstantin.