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Village of Kideksha:Monastery, Church, Kideksha, Suzdal, Volga

The name of the settlement Kideksha first appears in the Russian historical chronicles in the thirteenth century. From the very beginning, Kideksha was one of the arts and crafts centers of the Suzdal dukedom, which was the richest in Northern Russia. In its history, Kideksha has survived, along with the Suzdal dukedom, destruction by the Tatars, the Poles, and lived through the devastations of fires and plagues. Today the village, with its unique architecture, stands as a representation of Russian history. Kideksha is famous for one of the first stone churches in North-Eastern Russia. The Cathedral of Boris and Gleb was built in the twelfth century and rebuilt in the 1800's. The walls of this splendid white stone cathedral are decorated with frescos by the best icon painters of Suzdal in the twelfth century. The beauty of Kideksha's churches is complemented by exquisite ancient civil structures. The center of the settlement is occupied with various old buildings standing side by side from the eleventh through the fourteenth centuries. These buildings vary in size and have roofs of different shapes and designs, which all add to the medieval architectural charm of this village. Now Kideksha is a small settlement, located in the Vladimir region next to the City of Suzdal. It stands on a bank of the beautiful river Nerl. One must visit the village of Kideksha to appreciate its enchanting medieval atmosphere. It's well worth a trip from Moscow, where it can be reached by car, train, or bus. Composed and translated by
Michael I. Marinchenko