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Town of Pljos:Pljos, Plyos, Volga River, Merchant Town, Assumption, Resurrection

The name of the settlement Pljos first appears in the Russian history chronicles of 1778. Pljos was formed along a major trade route. The location of the town made the community very prosperous, and even by the end of the nineteenth century when the trade route changed, this small merchant town on a bank of the Volga river was still a symbol of wealth. A highlight of the town is the Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the eighteenth century. The center of the town is decorated with various churches standing side by side. These churches, The Trinity Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Resurrection (all built in the nineteenth century), vary in size, and have the beautiful "onion" domes and belfries of different shapes and designs, all of which add to the architectural charm of this small town. Pljos is located in a beautiful part of central Russia, and the architecture is complemented by the wonderful surrounding scenes of untouched nature. Pljos is considered to be the best resort of central Russia. "The Pearl of the Volga" is the second name for this beautiful small town. One must visit the town of Pljos to fully appreciate its enchanting atmosphere of a small merchant town from the nineteenth century. It can be reached by car, bus, or ship from Moscow, and is well worth the trip. Composed and translated by
Michael I. Marinchenko