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Oleg the Wise:Oleg, Oleg the Wise, soothsayer, Skull

Duke Oleg is one of the most famous legends and heroes of heathen Russia. He was the Duke of a small town under the Novgorod principality. He was a noble and wise ruler, so much so that the Boyars in 882 invited him to share the rulership of Kiev, the capital of the biggest and the strongest principality of Russia. By defeating the huge Byzantium army in 907 and the tribes of hasars he was able to insure Russia peace and good fortune for the Russian land. Legend has it a prophet told Duke Oleg his beloved horse would be a source of his death. Duke deeply loved his faithful steed and friend but after this prophecy he ordered the horse to be taken to the Royal Stable never to be ridden by the duke again. As the years passed Oleg reminisced about his glorious battles, decided to look for the remains of his beloved horse. After finding the bones and skull of his favorite horse he began crying realizing his faithful steed was gone forever. Just as he started crying the prophecy was fulfilled with a poisonous snake that slithered from the horse's skull and bit Oleg the Wise, which made him drop dead instantly. Mysteriously, the legend of Duke Oleg dwells in the soul of Russia, ancient and present. Composed and translated by
Michael I. Marinchenko